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Technology and social media are transforming how individuals communicate and network in both the personal and professional realm. An organization is considering developing a social media plan.

You are asked to develop the proposal for the organization. Discuss the type of organization that you are hypothetically a part of in the example. The organization may be a human services one, a regulatory agency, an environmental one, some type of animal rights one, or some other organization. Define the organization that you would like to use as an example. Explain why the social media approach is beneficial or detrimental to your organization's mission. What key elements would you like to see in the contract? How should the public sector address social media? What are the critical elements in the proposal that are necessary to address the broader public interest? Identify the benefits and costs of a social media campaign by your organization. Discuss how the proposal would allow for public input and how it would address key concepts in public administration, including; transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness.

Reference no: EM13708349

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