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Requirement: You are required to construct an inductive professional report. The development of an inductive report is a strongly applied piece of work and must link theory and practice.

You are to:

1. Pick a New Zealand company that has a product which could be exported.

2. Determine which country the product will be exported to.

3. Develop the plan that will ensure a successful market entry.

Your report must:

- Make an analysis of two countries that the product could be exported to, and then select one.

- Develop a strategy about how you will operate in the market.

- Address the social responsibility and ethical considerations relating to the product and market you are planning on entering.

- Determine the cultural and communication issues of operating in that market, and how these may impact operations.

- Determine how you will manage human resources in the market you are operating in.

The report must demonstrate comprehension of the whole global management topic.

Therefore, whatever you choose you must make reference to global management models, frameworks, concepts and terminology that you have encountered in workshops and self-learning, and from directed material and independent research.

This must be combined with industry material and data to provide sound argument, rationale and decisions, ultimately leading to recommendations that your report will produce.

Further, your report must:

- Be from the management perspective (i.e. not be a marketing report)

- Be real and addressable

- Use theory and practice to demonstrate knowledge

Word Limit: 6,500 words.

Learning outcome(s) addressed:

1. Understand the impact of global variations in social responsibility and business ethics

2. Recognize the role of culture and communicating globally, including the impacts on decision making and negotiations

3. Formulate and apply a strategy for international and global operations

4. Develop an understanding of global human resources management

Reference no: EM13860146

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