Develop team cohesion and facilitate teamwork

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Develop team cohesion and facilitate teamwork

Performance objective

For this task, you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for developing team cohesion and facilitating teamwork.
Assessment description

In response to asimulated business scenario, you will carry out the assigned tasks, as detailedin the performance plan,and participate in a team meeting to support your team in achieving team goals.


1. Review the simulated workplace information for Apparel Brands Pty Ltd in Appendix 1.

2. Carry out all tasks contained in the individual performance plan you developed in Assessment Task 1.

3. Consult with your team and assessor to determine an appropriate time for your teamwork to be observed in a team meeting.

4. Prepare for the team meeting:
a. Reflect on your achievement of team goals: Which goals have you achieved? Which goals have you not achieved?
b. Identify at least one issue you have encountered with respect to carrying out your tasks that you have not yet fully overcome to discuss with your work teamso that they may assist you in enhancing your performance.
c. Consider possible processes for resolution of team issues. For example, you may consider leading a brainstorming session, or creating an issues matrix.
d. In consultation with team, develop a meeting agenda to ensure that all issues, concerns and problems with carrying out performance plan activities are addressed in the meeting in order to keep team on track to achieve goals.The agenda should include opportunity for each team member to employ a process for resolution of team issues. Provide the meeting agenda to participants (i.e. other team members) and assessor.
e. Prepare to take notes on issues and solutions and any unresolved issues.

5. Participate in the team meeting:
a. Present your achievement of team goals and issue/s encountered.
b. Provide feedback to team members to encourage and reward efforts and build team cohesion.
c. Ask questions and encourage team members to contribute to meeting.
d. Lead or play a prominent role in a process to resolve team issues. Ensure you clearly signal each step in the process and explain your methods to model effective team behaviour to emulate.
e. Identify performance problems and propose solutions during the resolution process to resolve team issues to keep on track to achieve goals. If applicable, you may suggest coaching, training etc.
f. Work through any issues that can be resolved during the meeting with team members.
g. Record notes on issues and solutions and any unresolved issues. Note unresolved issues or improvements to group work that you will propose later, after consultation with the manager(assessor).

6. Submit all documents to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.
You must:
- participate in an observed team meeting
- submita meeting agenda
- submitmeeting notes.
Your assessor will be looking for:
- planning and organisational skills to consult and develop individual performance plans in team environment
- evidence of knowledge of group dynamics
- knowledge of strategies for gaining consensus
- knowledge of how to support team members to achieve goals through coaching, mentoring, training etc.
Adjustment for distance-based learners
- No changes to the assessment procedure or specification are required.
- The meeting may be conducted and observed via video or teleconferencing. Team members' participation in meetings may take place via Skype, or through use of messaging and message board, confirmation emails and so on.
- Documentation may be submitted electronically.
- A follow-up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor).

Appendix 1: Apparel Brands Pty Ltd

Apparel Brands, founded in 1901, is an Australian-based manufacturer and distributor of generic clothing and footwear. The company takes orders from retailers and supplies retailers with clothing products that have been manufactured to retailers' specifications. These clothing products are then sold to consumers under the retailers' various brands.

Recently, Apparel Brands has found its market share in decline due to a strong Australian dollar and increased overseas competition. In addition, labour costs are eating into profit margins. Trends in the Australian textile industry suggest that the company, although it is in a strong financial position now, will struggle to make a profit within two years.

To ensure the continued existence of Apparel Brands, the company has embarked on a bold new strategic direction:
- develop own brands and product range and sell direct to consumers
- leverage e-commerce opportunities to reduce distribution costs and increase profit margins.

Company vision: In the next five years, Apparel Brands will establish a range of innovative and exciting online clothing brands and help secure a future for Australian clothing manufacturing.

Scenariohistory(completed in Assessment Task 1)

Your team was charged with the task of identifying an e-commerce opportunity for Apparel Brands and developing a proposal to put to the board of directors.

Your budget for setting up the e-commerce venture is $30,000.

For your proposed e-commerce venture, your team has determined the following:
- Value proposition: What will you offer consumers? What products? What price? What quality? How will the productsbenefit your customers?
- Who is your target market: What are the characteristics of the people who will buy your products? What do they need or desire?
- How will you gather necessary information for setting up the venture?
- Who will you consult or network with to benefit from others' expertise?
- What steps will you need to take to set up the e-commerce venture? This will range from website design, to ensuring a system for payment, to establishing an online presence through web search engines, etc.
- How will you determine the benefit to Apparel Brands: What is the benefit? Reduced costs? Increased productivity?
- How will you determine cost?
You have completed individual performance plans to achieve the determination of the above requirements.

Assessment Task 2
Now that your team has completed individual performance plans, your new task is to carry out all the actions contained in your performance plan to enable the team goal of developing an e-commerce venture proposal for presentation to the board of Apparel Brands.

You will need to meet to discuss achievement of individual goals and provide feedback on others' work. You will need to work through and resolve any issues with your team in order to achieve your team goal/s.

Reference no: EM131263275

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