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Imagine that your city council is considering a proposed ordinance to require an 8 percent deposit on each beverage container sold in the city. Each beer can, soft drink bottle, or other container would carry a city sticker or imprint.

Retailers would collect the deposit on each container sold and would be required to pay 8 cents for each empty container returned to the store. Proponents of the bill argue that it would help clean up the city and provide better recycling of containers.

Opponents argue that the bill would be difficult for stores to adhere to and a nightmare for the city to enforce.

Develop a research design - that is, a plan for conducting research - that would enable you to report to the city council on the potential costs and benefits of the proposed ordinance.

750 words, Please if any references used insert citations of reference in paper and if it is cited in the paper it must be listed in the reference.

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Reference no: EM13876916

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