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The Janson Medical Clinic recently conducted a patient satisfaction survey of 100 patients. Using a scale of 1-5, with 1 being "very dissatisfied" and 5 being "very satisfied," the clinic compiled a check sheet for responses that were either 1 or 2, indicating dissatisfaction with the performance attributes. This is shown in the exhibit below, Results of Satisfaction Survey.

Exhibit Results of Satisfaction Survey


Doctors have extremely busy schedules. They have surgeries to perform, and many are teaching faculty at the local medical school. Many surgeries are emergencies or take longer than expected, resulting in delays of getting back to the clinic. In the clinic, one or two telephone receptionists answer calls for three different departments, which include 20 or more doctors. Their job is basically to schedule appointments, provide directions, and transfer calls to the proper secretaries. This generally requires putting the patient on hold. Often, the receptionist must take a hand-written message and personally deliver it to the secretary because the secretary's phone line is busy. However, the receptionist cannot leave her desk without someone else to cover the phones. A student intern examined the processes for answering phone calls and registering patients. The flowcharts she developed are shown in the exhibits below.

Case Questions for Discussion

1. What conclusions do you reach from the satisfaction survey results? What implications would this have for a better process design?

2. Propose some process improvements to the flowcharts, and develop redesigned processes along with new flowcharts. How will your suggestions address the sources of dissatisfaction that customers cited?

Exhibit Current Process for Answering Phone Calls


Exhibit Current Patient Registration Process


Reference no: EM131035207

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