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Linked learning outcomes:
Analyse the environments in which an accountant works
Develop personal professional skills and capabilities through the application of tools and strategies taking into account the opportunities and constraints of the professional environment
Linked graduate capabilities:

Critical analytical and integrative thinking
Capable of Professional and Personal Judgment and Initiative
Task Overview: Reflect on your personal understanding of the accounting profession.

Marking criteria:

Analysis and synthesis of knowledge from a range of experiences/sources
Critical self-reflection to formulate professional development strategies.
Completeness and relevance
Overall clarity 
Refer to the Reflection Marking Rubric. 

Deliverables: 500-700 word reflection.
Read at least one of the following readings:

A Changing Profession? - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Developments in the global accountancy sector - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Answer the following questions, thinking about how your understanding of the role of an accountant has developed since you began studying accounting and the specific experiences/sources that have influenced your thinking:

1. When you think of the accounting profession what comes to your mind?

2. What contextual factors do you think could influence the accounting profession?

3. Describe the people you expect to interact with as an accountant.

4. What role do you think you should play in contributing to your community as an accountant?

5. What might the clients and fellow employees expect of you as an accountant? 

Review your work. Make sure the structure of the paragraphs and sentences is clear. Fix spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you have cited and referenced accurately. 

Submit your reflection to turnitin via the link below. Once you have submitted your reflection, check the originality report in turnitin and ensure similarity with other sources is referenced. You can resubmit your reflection until the due date. Please note that the originality report for a resubmission takes 24 hours to be produced. Please ensure that you allow adequate time, if you are considering resubmission.

Extensions: No extension will be granted

Penalties: Late submission will not be accepted for marking, i.e., a mark of ZERO will be assigned accordingly. 
Required minimum-2 page

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