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"It is not worth an intelligent man's time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that" G.H Hardy (1877-1947)

What does this quote mean to you in the context of team disagreement and conflict resolution? Explain in detail and prepare 2000 word report by critically addressing the following issues.

While issuing the concerns in the work environment, focus on:

- Consult team members to establish a common understanding of team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives.

- Develop performance plans to establish expected outcomes, outputs, key performance indicators and goals for work team.

- Support team members in meeting expected performance outcomes.

- Develop strategies to ensure team members have input into planning, decision making and operational aspects of work team.

- Develop policies and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work and assist others to undertake required roles and responsibilities.

- Provide feedback to team members to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts and contributions.

- Develop processes to ensure that issues, concerns and problems identified by team members are recognised and addressed.

- Encourage team members and individuals to participate in and to take responsibility for team activities, including communication processes.

- Support the team in identifying and resolving work performance problems.

- Ensure own contribution to work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation's image for all stakeholders.

- Establish and maintain open communication processes with all stakeholders.

- Communicate information from line manager/management to the team.

- Communicate unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by team members and follow-up with line manager/management and other relevant stakeholders.

- Evaluate and take necessary corrective action regarding unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by internal or external stakeholders.

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Reference no: EM131281886

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