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Question: When developing system requirements, it is very important that they be written in a way that will allow for specific design and development steps. Poorly written requirements may lead to ambiguity, resulting in missing a stakeholder's expectations.

Develop one complete system requirement for one of the following activities:

• Option A: Making a withdrawal at an ATM.

• Option B: Using your charge card for a meal at a restaurant.

• Option C: Buying a stock using an online brokerage account.

• Option D: Searching for books (on a specific topic) using an online bookstore.

In your response, consider attributes that comprise a solid system requirement, as well as the result of requirements that do not meet quality attributes.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider adding another attribute that makes it a solid system requirement, or suggest another way to write the system requirement.

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Reference no: EM132281104

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