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The professional logistics manager must develop a knowledge base that is integrated with other disciplines. The decision to enter the global or international supply chain and marketplace is a difficult decision and requires a lot of homework (fact finding) to support that decision. Your new boss is a proponent for going global. Your new boss has tasked you to be an opponent to going global, believes in the participative management style, and embraces employees stating the facts. Based on what you read in this module, please critique the decision to go global or international based on your tasking.

Reference no: EM131036575

Develop a small organization

Develop a small organization (made up), choose from one of the industries listed below. Provide a one page brief summary of the organization you are looking to develop. Includ

Prepare yourself for this new global business environment

Is there still room for someone with a purely domestic perspective? Is international business education enough, or is actual field experience required? How might you prepare y

Tenants with rights of survivorship

Brian and Scott own a house as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. Brian sold his half interest to Brad. Shortly thereafter, Scott died, and Brad claimed the entire pro

High levels of quality of care and quality of life

What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the nursing home survey process in assuring that residents have high levels of quality of care and quality of life? What do you

Think of time you held fast to decision even after learning

Think of a time you held fast to a decision even after learning that it was probably a wrong or faulty decision. How long did you persist with your original (faulty) decision?

Overforecasting demand create within supply chain

What problems does overforecasting demand create within a supply chain? What problems does underforecasting demand create? What can a company do to resolve the problem of fore

How harley davidson grew their overseas sales

Please read how Harley Davidson grew their overseas sales by 16% this past decade, despite some countries imposing taxes in excess of your thoughts on the pros and

Assumption of the risk the greater gulf state fair

Assumption of the Risk The Greater Gulf State Fair, Inc. operated the Gulf State Fair in Mobile County, Alabama. One of the events at the fair was a mechani­cal bull ride, and


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