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The professional logistics manager must develop a knowledge base that is integrated with other disciplines. The decision to enter the global or international supply chain and marketplace is a difficult decision and requires a lot of homework (fact finding) to support that decision. Your new boss is a proponent for going global. Your new boss has tasked you to be an opponent to going global, believes in the participative management style, and embraces employees stating the facts. Based on what you read in this module, please critique the decision to go global or international based on your tasking.

Reference no: EM131036575

About the election cycle

Several candidates in the 2010 election cycle, including Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin proposed right to work legislation in states with a strong union shop tradition. Desp

Compute the total cost of ordering and carrying flour

ISOM 319: Operations Management Assignment. Suppose that the economic order quantity that you calculate in Part 1 is used to order by the bakery, answer the following questio

Prepare outline of the five overarching sources of change

Prepare an outline of the five overarching sources of change. Discuss how these factors are reshaping the practice of management. Include in your essay suggestions for how thi

Global business and global economic conditions

Describe the role of the WTO in respect to global business and global economic conditions. As part of the discussion, differentiate between developed and developing country de

Current issue in your neighborhood or community

Choose a current issue in your neighborhood or community. Use the questions in the bullet points to design a large scale change intervention program for this issue. How many p

Whenever interest rates are low there is danger of inflation

Whenever interest rates are low there is a danger of inflation. I think such a danger exists now because the Federal Reserve has reduced interest rates substantially. Newton w

Referring to the latest versions of laws and policies

Rena,a fellow employee, approaches you to confide in you about issue she is having at work she claims that files keep vanishing from her desk and the manager she has spoken to

Prepare a synopsis of the healthcare system

Healthcare has moved to the forefront in heated debates within the US. The current cost of delivering care is approximately 16% of the gross domestic product (GDP), and the Me


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