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A hackathon is a weekend coding contest in which teams develop concepts and business ideas and compete for prizes. You have been asked to interview student participants to learn more about their experience with the web page where they register for the event. The goal is to improve the information system for next year’s hackathon. Prepare a list of at least 3 open- ended questions and 3 closed-ended questions that would help you identify how the “as-is” system was used and how it can be improved. After each question write in italics why you are asking the question, that is, what you hope to learn from the answers you will get. (The students you interview won’t see the italics – it’s just so you can be clear on why you are asking the question.)

Reference no: EM132280919

Various management systems standards

1. Consider the key tenets of well-known management systems. Discuss why you believe similar, key management concepts tend to recur in the various management systems standards

Advantage of offshore outsourcing is less strategic tasks

One advantage of offshore outsourcing is less strategic tasks can be sourced so that companies an focus on sale and marketing,communication amound comapny memebers, suppliers,

Four occupants of the vehicle she hit were awarded damages

Annie Body was judged at fault in an accident. The four occupants of the vehicle she hit were awarded damages of $15,000, $10,000, $10,000, and $5,000. Annie has 15/30/5 liabi

Primary moral justifications in favor of affirmative action

Using the articles in the chapter discussing affirmative action what do you believe to be the primary moral wrong committed by discrimination (appeal to the moral theories tha

Quality planning-quality assurance and quality control

What is Quality? Describe the elements of Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control. Why are these elements important to successful project completion?

What is the optimal order quantity

Skinner’s Fish market buys fresh Boston bluefish daily for $4.20 per pound and sells it for $5.70 per pound. At the end of each business day, any remaining bluefish is sold to

How would you go about developing the swot analysis

Discuss, in detail, the process that you would use to develop a strategic plan for your company (if you are not currently employed, then think of another company that is of in

Identify sources of innovation assess trends and forecasts

Write a report in which you discuss and evaluate the sources of innovation. The report will be given to senior management of your chosen company. You should include the follow


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