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A hackathon is a weekend coding contest in which teams develop concepts and business ideas and compete for prizes. You have been asked to interview student participants to learn more about their experience with the web page where they register for the event. The goal is to improve the information system for next year’s hackathon. Prepare a list of at least 3 open- ended questions and 3 closed-ended questions that would help you identify how the “as-is” system was used and how it can be improved. After each question write in italics why you are asking the question, that is, what you hope to learn from the answers you will get. (The students you interview won’t see the italics – it’s just so you can be clear on why you are asking the question.)

Reference no: EM132280919

Listing new or emerging opportunities and threats

Discuss positive and negative changes in your University's external and internal factor during your college career. Begin by listing new or emerging opportunities and threats.

Design a high-performing supply chain organization

How does "Design a High-Performing Supply Chain Organization" apply to your current or previous workplace? Does it characterize the organization? Would a greater emphasis on D

What is the probability of you making it home for holidays

You are thinking about the things that can go wrong on your trip home over the Thanks giving break. You have booked a flight with US-Scareways.  What is the probability of you

Determine the quantity of produced cookies

Father's Cookies produces chocolate-chip cookies in a large oven that holds up to 2,000 pounds of cookies at a time. Annual demand is constant at 200,000 pounds; variable cost

What are the merits and demerits of protecting invention

What are the merits and demerits of protecting an invention through a patent instead of a trade-secret law? Analyze and evaluate the various issues presented while arguing and

Potential defendants in product defet lawsuit

There are two potential defendants (aside from the criminal who may have sabotaged the food) in a product defet lawsuit: Delta and the in-flight caterer. What is Delta's poten

Why do employees join labor unions

Why do employees join labor unions? Did you ever belong to a labor union? If you did, do you think union membership benefited you? Why or why not. If you did not belong to a l

Market-share driven credit culture

Compare and contrast a values-driven credit culture and a market-share driven credit culture. A "reasonable" rule: ____________have been described as "large social, economic,


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