Develop chart that lists theo characteristics of congenital

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Develop a chart that lists theo characteristics of congenital heart defects, blood disorders, asthma, cystic fibrosis, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, childhood cancer, and congenital and acquired infectious diseases.

Then, with your CLC group, choose one major health impairment or infectious disease (Epilepsy) and create a 5-10 slide PowerPoint.

Include the following in your presentation:

Media link

Include at least two websites for more information on the major health impairment or infectious disease selected

Three relevant resources for teaching students with the selected major health impairment or infectious disease, including citations

Address the following within the presentation:

Name at least three physical and academic difficulties associated with the chosen impairment or disease

Treatments and medical therapies safe to perform within the school setting

Issues with receptive and expressive language

Visual-motor integration

Collaboration among school staff to meet the needs of the student

Precautions that must be taken in the classroom to ensure students' needs are met.

Reference no: EM131092147

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