Develop block 16 in ecuadors tropical rain forest

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1. What conflicts must Conoco resolve in deciding whether or not to develop block 16 in Ecuador's tropical rain forest

2. What objectives and whose interests appear to be carrying the most weight in this case? Which should dominate?

3. How can Conoco achieve the necessary consensus to move forward?

4. Would you recommend that Conoco do so on this basis?

5. Is there a way that oil companies like Conoco can play a constructive role in developing commercial properties in environmentally unique and sensitive habitats?

Or, should oil companies be barred from any oil exploration and development in such areas?

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This task is about conoco oil company project. It is 600 words task and it is MS-Word Report. in this report, conflicts of company's projects, objectives and interested persons of project, essential consensus to move forward and essential role of oil companies to commercial property are discussed in detail. Harvard referencing is done..

Reference no: EM131249226

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