Develop biofuels to free us from dependence on fossil fuels

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Researchers are working to develop biofuels to free us from dependence on fossil fuels. Based on what you know about cellulose, what do you predict are the major advantage and disadvantage of using cellulose-rich plant material as biofuel? (Hint: Focus on cellulose - how much energy in it and how easy to extract the energy out)

Reference no: EM131219645

Contrast uv irradiation of cells

Contrast UV irradiation of cells with ionizing radiation of cells in regard to a) their respective energies; b) the way their energy is deposited in the DNA and c) one diffe

Create a vector or plasmid in class

Jimmy, a new undergraduate researcher in the lab, is told to make a vector having a copy of the CELLBIO gene from Dr. Acosta's genome as well as a selectable gene, Ampr.

Is wind power green

You are required to critically analyze one of the following five (5) environmental issues that have been addressed in Contemporary Environmental Issues, Is wind power green

Distribution of long and short stemmed buttercups

In early spring, Dr. Tom Wilson notices that there is an equal distribution of long and short stemmed buttercups in the vacant lot across the street from his house as well a

Positive and negative part of blood type

This problem refers to the MN  and ABO loci mentioned in class. It also refers to the Rh locus, which is responsible for the positive or negative part of the blood type.

What types of information scientists can learn

Select a fossil related to human evolution and discuss what types of information scientists can learn from this particular fossil. Feel free to use the textbook, websites li

Which is the best molecule for storage

In metabolic processes of cell respiration and photosynthesis, prosthetic groups as in heme and iron-sulfur complexes are encountered. What do they do.

Determine the diploid number

Determine the diploid number (2n) of the following unknown organisms from the cell observations given below. Draw what each cell looks like at the indicated stage, including


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