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You are an IMC Manager of a company or starting a company. Write an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan (IMC) of 2000 - 2500 words maximum not including references.

Develop and write an alternative IMC plan that involves the company you currently work for or the company you want to start up. You must address the following in your IMC plan.

1. Brief background, of company its products/services and its marketing objectives.

2. Information on the target audience segment analysis.

3. Develop at least 3-5 communication (advertising) objectives - such as developing brand awareness, promoting product/services and company knowledge, influence interests or consumer attitudes, developing, the product's image or influencing the purchase intentions.

4. Choose one of the alternative styles of creative advertising and justify your communication objectives ethical issues.

5. Develop a media plan - select the media vehicle(s) you will use to achieve your objectives and creative strategy. Justify your use of specific media based on how communicates with your target market.

6. Provide details of its evaluations/how will you measure IMC plan effectiveness.

Reference no: EM13937039

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