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Develop greater critical analytical skills especially at level 3/ 6, by encouraging the students to read more widely; the greater use of comparative case studies; and encouraging part-time students to reflect on the application of the theories discussed to their own workplaces and industries in their own countries.

You are required to:

1: Apply Diamond of National Advantage to critically analyze, compare and contrast competitiveness of your country(Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Sudan)to that of China which is fast emerging economy among BRICS (.1000 words)

2: Assume that you are strategy and policy advisor, use China as a benchmark to suggest and critically discuss to your government any four recommendations to develop and improve competitive advantage of your country. 500 words


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Assignment that is divided into two major sections. The first section will provide basic understanding on the Competitive Advantage of Nations, basically the Diamond of National Advantage in order to analyze, compare and contrast competitiveness critically to that of Saudi Arabia to that of China. The second part will be a recommendation that will include four elements which will helps in improving and developing competitive advantage of Saudi Arabia. The work is written in Microsoft word with APA style of referencing with incited references.

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There was a time when businessmen with lot of capital and investment, specialization in particular skills and carrying a lucky charm with them were able to succeed in business. However in today’s technology driven era, the myriad enterprises owned by the young generation entrepreneurs who do not carry any fancy degrees with them nor seek any gobs of capital are waiting to be hatched (Moon, Rugman, &Verbeke, 1998). In Chinese business environment, if the entrepreneurs aim to kick start their business in quick time, then it may not be a correct decision, and it may lead to a lot of problem in future like sloppy planning and analysis (Tansey, Spillane, &Meng, 2014). This type of time constraint and time-saving approach would shift the Company’s focus unknowingly from finding the correct alliance partner, irrespective of the partner fit.

Considering the Saudi Arabia, UAE holds an Islamic culture is very conservative, unlike the other cultures. The Family is kept at extreme importance and women are bound in restrictions. They share car and fast-food culture in common to many countries. UAE is a federation of seven countries into one which was established in December 1971 (Rothaermel, 2015). This system follows absolute monarchies and governed by a single Federal Supreme Council. Seven emirs of the seven countries together formed this council and it takes care of all the responsibilities. Respective National Government does not have the right to hold those responsibilities.

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    The TMA must be done with strict compliance to the guidelines and instructions stated, otherwise there will be penalties in form of marks deduction as per the university’s policy. You are encouraged to collaborate with others in studying, but submitted work copied from or written jointly with others is not acceptable. Submitting work that has been done by someone else and persistent borrowing of other peoples work without citation are obvious instances of plagiarism and are regarded as cheating. Paying for work from other sources and submitting it as your own is also cheating. It is intellectually dishonest to cheat. If a case of plagiarism is proven, this is a serious offence and the disciplinary procedures will be followed, as described under the Examination Policy of the AOU. Cases of plagiarism will receive a mark of “Zero” on the assignment. Please refer to AOU plagiarism policy. 1. TMA must be written in ESSAY format, BULLETS and NUMBERING to be avoided. Avoid writing TMA in first person tense. E.g. I suggest that …” or “In this TMA I am going to discuss…”etc. 2. Word count should be exact ,1500 with 10% (More/less) tolerance.

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    This tutor marked-assignment is meant to assess the student’s ability in understanding, and application of the course materials provided in the class room and ideas from external sources, as well as to test his/her reflection and critical thinking. Among other ILOs, it is also intended to test the student’s ability to argue relevantly and to justify a point of view besides, constructing, defending and evaluating an argument, using relevant evidence and giving reasons for conclusions. It consists of two questions and accounts for 20% of the total grade assigned to the course

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    Please Note that this particular TMA is meant to respond to recommendations given by EE to encourage and develop greater critical analytical skills especially at level 3/ 6, by encouraging the students to read more widely; the greater use of comparative case studies; and encouraging part-time students to reflect on the application of the theories discussed to their own workplaces and industries in their own countries.

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