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Within this resource, you will be covering the following key topics: 
• Develop and apply product knowledge 
• Approach customer 
• Gather and respond to information 
• Sell benefits 
• Overcome objections 
• Close sale 
• Maximise sales opportunities 

Using these key topics as a guide, you will work with your trainer/assessor to develop your skills and knowledge. 

Assessment Guidelines 
To successfully complete this unit/s you will be required to complete different forms of evidence to 
determine your competency in a unit/s. As part of this unit you are required to complete the 
following forms of evidence: 

• Written activities Q 1-6 
• Project 
? Select a product that could be sold to consumers, e.g. white goods, computer, 
travel destination. 
? Apply the following six steps of selling to your selected product and describe in 
your own words (approx 1000 words) how you would sell this product to a 

As part of this written assessment you will need to access the following resources to support you in this assessment: 
• Computer with internet access. 
• Organisational customer service policy and procedure, service charter and / or sales 
manual. (Refer to the project) 

By completing this assessment online, it will form part of the evidence required to support your skills and knowledge to be deemed competent in this unit. 

The role of your trainer/assessor is to assist and guide you through your learning journey to achieve your goals. 
As part of your assessment, complete the following written activities. 

a. Define the term 'product knowledge' 

b. Describe four reasons why product knowledge is important. 
c. Identify a product that could be sold within either the Tourism or Hospitality industries. 
d. Identify five different ways that you could source information about this product. (Do not only focus on the internet). 
e. How would you communicate knowledge of this product to customers 
f. Identify a product specialist for your chosen product and describe a situation in which it 
would be appropriate to refer your customer to this specialist. 

2. In your own words, define the following terms. 
Refer to the websites; 
• at-is-Trade-Measurement.pdf to assist with your responses. 

a. Consumer rights as stated by Consumer Law 
b. Warranty 
c. Contract 
d. Trade measurement 

3. As an employee, when discussing each of the following elements with consumers, it is 
necessary to understand the conditions to ensure a complete and accurate discussion has 

Referring to the following website in your own words outline what 
information would need to be discussed. 

a. Prices and receipts 
i. What should the price show? 
ii. Receipts and other proofs of purchase 

b. Repair, replace and refund - Replacements and refunds 
c. Online Shopping - Protecting your online shopping rights 
d. Misleading claims and advertising Discount vouchers (Terms and conditions) 

4. Describe the differences in each of the following customers buying needs and wants. 
a. A woman in her late 30s (middle income earner) who has indicated an interest in both 
fashion and fitness 
b. A male in his mid 20s who is looking to purchase a mid-priced jewellery item for his 

a. Discuss why "complaints are a gift" 
b. Identify the three different types of complainers that you may have to deal with in a 
workplace environment 
c. Explain how you should handle a customer complaint 

6. What should the weight be displayed on a set of scales prior to weighing or measuring 


Project Instructions 
• Read the following information to clearly understand what is required throughout the project. 
• Save and upload relevant documents onto the learning platform to support the project. 

Project Overview 
1. Select a product that could be sold to consumers, e.g. white goods, computer, travel 
destination. (You may use the product already selected for Question 1) 
2. Apply the following six steps of selling to your selected product and describe in your 
own words (approx 1000 words) how you would sell this product to a consumer. 

NB: To be able to complete this project you will need to source (direct or online) an 
• customer service policy and procedure and manual / or 
• sales manual 
• and reference appropriately. 

The following must be included in your written response. 

Project Tasks - Steps of Selling 

1. Greet the customer/approach the customer 

2. Identify customer needs 
Include in your response 
• Two steps of opening a sale 
• What signals the customer would give to let you know they were ready for 
• One example of each type of question that could be asked to determine what the 
customer wants 
• How you would open the sale once you approached them 
• How you would communicate with the customer in a non-discriminatory manner 

3. Recommending products and services 

• Where you would get relevant product knowledge from 
• A brief overview of the product's features, benefits, uses, and safety measures 
• How you would convey a positive impression to arouse customer interest 
• What tactics you would use to focus customer attention on this particular product 
• List two questions that might typically be asked by a customer, and provide the 
responses that you would give 
4. Overcome any objections 

• If you were unable to answer a question about a product or a service 
? Who would you ask? 
? How do you inform the customer that you are doing this? 
? Where else might you go to gain additional information? 

• An example of what you could recommend as an add-on sale 
• Describe three objections that the customer could have and how you would 
overcome these? 
• Categorise theses objections into price, time and merchandise characteristics and 
consider solutions. 
• How would you refer a customer's objections to a senior staff member? 

5. Maximise sales opportunities 
• Suggestion of complementary products or up-sell 

6. Close the sale 
• An example of each category of buying signals, and an explanation of how you 
would respond to them 
• Explanation of two different methods that could be used to close the sale 
• Give an example of a loyalty program that could be implemented 
• How you would measure the results of your selling skills

Reference no: EM13137200

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