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Case Study -

Case studies are an excellent way to explore an issue or dilemma in a particular natural context and allow us to develop an understanding of the perceptions of people within this context, and the actions taken in relation to the issue. In this unit, the "issue" to be explored in your case study is assessment. The purpose of your case study is to critically explore "assessment" as it appears in an educational setting aligned to your chosen phase of education and/or learning area. Your case study should:

Provide a clear description of the nature and demographics of the case study context and a justification of why it was chosen (e.g., phase of learning; learning area; metropolitan, rural or remote; number of students; and educational system).

Define, describe and interrogate assessment practices within the chosen case study context. This will include a detailed description of the understandings, practices and use of data related to assessment as well as background information, significant issues, concerns within the learning community, equity issues, and consequences of these practices.

Critically review the assessment practices and use of data in relation to the current literature. This will include an informed critique of the issues and practices identified in your case study, drawing on your knowledge of current literature to critically examine the policies and practices and data literacy described in your case context.

Your case study should answer the following questions:

i) WHAT is the case study context?

ii) HOW is assessment managed in this context? What are the established practices in this context? How is data used to inform assessment practices?

iii) HOW do these practices align with the perspectives and research from a range of scholars?

iv) HOW does the critical exploration of the identified practices and current literature inform and challenge your understanding of assessment in education?

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    Please adhere to the following guidelines: Ensure that your writing is clear and concise. Include a title that reflects the content and focus of the case study. Include an introduction that sets the context and establishes the boundaries of the case study i.e., what is explored in the case study? Include sub-headings in the main body that identify the focus of different sections. Include a comprehensive discussion of the context of your case study, including the rationale for your choice. Include sub-headings that identify the content and focus of different sections. Connect the identified assessment practices from the case study to the literature, and Include a full reference list in APA style (not included in word count). Presentation Guidelines - Use a plain font such as Calibri, Cambria, Arial, Times New Roman or similar. Use size 12-14 font for headings, and size 11 font for the main body. Include 2.5 cm margins on all sides, and Use 1.5 line spacing.

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