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Develop an outline (major headings and subheadings only) for a project management plan to create a Web site for your class, and then fill in the details for the introduction or overview section. Assume that this Web site would include a home page with links to a syllabus for the class, lecture notes or other instructional information, links to the Web site for this textbook, links to other Web sites with project management information, and links to personal pages for each member of your class and future classes. Also, include a bulletin board and chat room feature where students and the instructor can exchange information. Assume your instructor is the project s sponsor, you are the project manager, your classmates are your project team, and you have three months to complete the project.

Reference no: EM131030738

Discuss the micro-entrepreneurship

Discuss the micro-entrepreneurship in Malaysia. The content should include various aspects of the entrepreneurship, government policy, challenges and problems faced and prospe

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What is the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing? Why is it critical that goals be measurable? State the three critical dimensions of project goal

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Identify six items that are typically a part of the agenda for a critical design review and give a sentence or two describing these items? Which business intelligence informat

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Discuss how training professionals can know whether their organizations’ performance issues can be addressed by training. Identify resources that can be used to help ensure th

Should be included in a diversity strategic plan

What do you believe are the most important elements that should be included in a diversity strategic plan? Should the organizations plan on diversity align with mission, visio

Make at least certain percentage of highest paid individual

Some organizations, like Ben Jerry's (I believe B & J has now changed their policy but they previously had this policy), have a cap on executive compensation. The lowest paid

While shopping for clothes

While shopping for clothes, a black woman is followed around the store by a white sales associate. Frustrated, she leaves the store and decides to go home. Her husband, on s

How might those forces individually or collectively

How is the market for energy drinks, sports drinks and vitamin-enhanced beverages changing? What are the underlying drivers of change and how might those forces individually


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