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Integrated marketing communications plan

Hypothetical Scenario:

The event focused on the assessment(Emirates Melbourne Cup) was successful from an operations point of view; however one problem was highlighted in the feedback: The broader community did not recognise who the major sponsor was on the day; additionally consumers did not buy any of the sponsor products/services that were on display. This did not meet the sponsor objectives, which were to sell up to $5,000 worth of products/services on the event day.

The sponsorship deal is due to expire in December 2015 and as the Sponsorship Manager your role is to negotiate a revised deal for 2016 including new sponsorship packages with effective campaigns for a positive public perception and a ‘call to action' campaign targeting a specific market segment with the main sales objective to consume their products/services within the first 12 months of the sponsorship agreement.

Choose one racing event- Emirates Melbourne cup

Develop an integrated marketing communications plan which co brands one event with one chosen sponsor (Sofitel Hotel Melbourne ). This communication plan must additionally address issues such as ambush marketing and should include the most relevant sponsorship package per event.

In a report format the integrated marketing communication plan should include:

• Executive summary

• Introduction of your integrated marketing communication plan

• Brand Positioning and unique selling point for the event

• Communication objectives that meet co-branding strategies

• Recommended sponsorship package for the event that matches the sponsor objective

• (including the promotional mix)

• A timeline for implementation (visual)

• Ongoing campaign monitoring methods

• Explanation on how you will overcome the potential issue of ambush marketing

• A co-branding model involving all stake

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Reference no: EM13851157

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