Develop an essay that evaluates the pollution prevent act

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Develop an essay that evaluates the Pollution Prevent act of 1990 that focuses on the Barriers to effective implementation of the Act. Use the reading labeled "PPA Success Reading" in the Week 3 Lessons as the basis for your essay, but develop it further with additional research. Clearly identify barriers, but don't just summarize the barriers; develop some recommendations for how this Act could be changed (if it needs to be) to be more effective. Think about the difference in our regulatory philosophy between then and now, or in the economy, or whatever comes to mind as you read it. Use data, cases, and examples to support your suggestions and positions.

Cite all sources used both within and at the end of your answer. A fully developed response should go beyond your textbook and required readings (although may include them), have multiple citations from valid sources (no wiki-anything; use .gov, .edu. or .org websites) and should avoid direct quotes from others; rather relying on your own synthesis.

Reference no: EM131408799

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