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Most simply put, you will develop a web site to support the Murfreesboro Recreational Soccer League (MRSL) operation. You will build this web using HTML 5, CSS 3, Tables, Images and Forms. All the necessary tools are on your home computer. The Murfreesboro Recreational Soccer League (MRSL) case is Independent Challenge 2 at the end of each chapter in the HTML5 and CSS3 text.

You should start by creating a folder on your computer titled with MRSL. Next, build the web page(s) as instructed at the end of each chapter and save the page(s) in a folder for the chapter labeled unitx where x is the unit identifier. The work from unit d should be stored in a folder labeled unitd under the MRSL folder. Finally, after the web development has been completed, upload the completed web to your site.

First, please describe in one or two sentences the following web development tools focusing upon each tool's role in web development:

• HTML 5
• CSS 3
• Scripting:

o Client side: Java Script
o Server side: PHP Script


Save this document as your name and ISOM244Concepts.docx. By way of example, my work would be MeeISOM244Concepts.docx.

Next, to build your web, follow the Independent Challenge 2 from the end of Units B through H, Unit J and Unit O. Independent Challenge 2 will have you develop various pages for a recreational soccer league. You will follow Independent Challenge 2 saving and storing your work locally (on your computer) in the files and folders as directed in the challenges. You should skip all Advanced Challenge Exercises.

Reference no: EM131041573

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