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Develop a simple website. Show the home page of the Web site that the visitors can use to visit the site and about 5 more pages plus some figures. Also show the site map at two level of depth (i.e., what  pages will be invoked from first page, etc). Develop this website on your local machine first. Then upload the website to Amazon AWS.  The website need to contain HTML, CSS and Javascript.   

Reference no: EM13835113

You are expected to research the necessary commands

You are expected to research the necessary commands by themselves. There are numerous web sites available that discuss Linux networking. You are expected to list your sources

Develop the function count-a-vowel

Explain the performance difference between count-vowels-bv and count-vowels. Does the explanation reflect the measured difference? What does this suggest concerning the vect

What do you want to get out of course

What are some of the types of projects that you are interested in and what do you want to get out of this course? What are some risks of the project development process you m

Are these features present in java

What is object-oriented programming? What are some features you would expect to find in an object-oriented programming language? Are these features present in Java? Use brie

Construct a bitmap index on the attribute salary

Consider a query that requests all instructors in the Finance department with salary of 80000 or more. Outline the steps in answering the query, and show the final and inter

Describe why both events were precursors of the disaster

Before the disaster, the responsibility for both the design and the construction were given to one firm, and bridge components were increasingly misaligned (Wells, 2010). De

Compute the expected result by hand and print it

Write a SavingsAccountTester class that constructs a savings account with an initial balance of $1,000 and an interest rate of 10 percent. Then apply the addInterest method

Responsibilities of job when designing digital portfolio

Do you think that your digital portfolio should depend on the job, title, or industry you are planning or working on getting into? Do task and responsibilities of a speci


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