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Computer Systems & Security Assignment -

Learning Outcomes - This assignment contributes to the assessment of the following module learning outcomes, which are that you should be able to:

  • Explain the various components of operating systems and their roles.
  • Compare different security threats affecting different computing systems and propose suitable countermeasures.
  • Describe different tools and techniques to secure a computing system against specific threats.

Assessed Task: Developing A Simple Anti-Virus in C++

You will develop a simple anti-virus in C++ that will find, stop and delete a virus from a Windows PC. The anti-virus should be able to scan the Windows registry and find out if the applications in the Run folder are clean (i.e., none of them carries a virus signature). You'll also write a report to explain the development process and how viruses affect computer systems.

A Simple Anti-Virus - The anti-virus should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Scan all entries in the Windows Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • Make sure that each entry is virus-free (i.e., doesn't contain a virus signature)
  • If a virus is found, the anti-virus should check the list of running processes and terminate the virus process (if it's running)
  • The anti-virus should then delete the infected entry in the Registry and delete the infected file from the hard disk permanently
  • Finally, the anti-virus should produce a report of all these actions to the user

For testing your anti-virus, you can use (after altering as necessary) the Windows Registry virus you developed during the lab sessions. Required alterations might include removing some of the actions caused by that virus or adding a unique signature or any other alteration you think it's necessary.

The Report Structure

The report is limited to 2000 words. Marking will stop at the 2000 words threshold. Hence, anything that is written beyond that will not be marked. Appendices are exempted from the 2000 words limit.

The report must include the following sections:

  • Cover page: This page must include your name or both names if you're working in a group along with G number(s). This will be used as an evidence of submission for the group members. If your name doesn't appear here, it means you have no submission and it's an automatic fail.
  • Introduction: Explain the Windows Registry and how viruses can use it to infect computer systems.
  • The Testing Virus: Explain the virus you're going to use for testing your anti-virus later. How does it work? What's its signature?
  • The Anti-virus: Explain the development of the anti-virus in C++ and any libraries you had to use. This should include an explanation of the anti-virus algorithm.
  • Testing: Explain the tests you carried out to show that your anti-virus works. This should include appropriate screenshots.
  • The Continuous Battle: Write an essay of at least 500 words to explain how viruses continue to threaten computing systems and what can be done to prevent/limit their damage.
  • Appendix A: should include the virus code used in testing.
  • Appendix B: should include the anti-virus code.

Note - Antivirus in C++ and 2500 words report and last section should have 500 words.

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Reference no: EM132233868

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Instructions: Antivirus in C++ and 2500 words report and Last section should have 500 words. This coursework is worth 50% of your module mark (the first 50% was your coursework 1). Work submitted up to 1 week late will be capped at 40%. No work will be accepted after 1 week without supporting extenuating circumstances. All assignments must be submitted electronically on Blackboard. The mark for reassessed work is subject to a maximum of 40%. Marking Scheme - A marking scheme is available for this coursework at the end of this document. It identifies the criteria used to mark this coursework. You should carefully scrutinise the marking scheme to ensure that you are maximising the marks that you can achieve for this coursework.


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The report is limited to 2000 words. Marking will stop at the 2000 words threshold. Hence, anything that is written beyond that will not be marked. Appendices are exempted from the 2000 words limit. A good and clear implementation of the anti-virus. All the anti-virus’s functions are working correctly, with documented implementation of both the testing virus and anti-virus provided in appendices A and B of the report. The report is well written according to the structure given above. Use of highquality references and the right referencing style. “The Continuous Battle” section is well written with discussion of prevention mechanisms in details. As above in 2.1 criterion, with a thorough and systematic analysis of the threats facing computing systems because of different types of viruses (e.g., discussion of polymorphic viruses, worms, malware, etc.) Excellent report. Fully functional demo. Deep discussion of the prevention mechanisms.

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