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Company and Project Description:

Dementor Fracking Ltd employs 50 people and is proposing to develop a Shale Gas drilling site, which is to be located one mile from each of three surrounding rural villages in Yorkshire. The CEO of the company has asked you to compile a report that identifies the Shale Gas development project stages e.g. design, construction, commissioning and operation (the student is at liberty to consider other nomenclature for the project stages). Additionally, with respect to the following three issues to consider:
- health and safety
- environmental
- socio-political
she has asked you to address the six points below.

Points to Address:

1. The identification and analysis of relevant management systems, describing how they could be used as tools for managing the three issues.

2. With respect to each issue, a critical analysis and evaluation as to the effect such management systems may have on organisational performance (note, the evidence may result in different conclusions for different management systems and issues).

3. With respect to the management systems identified in 1 above, a critical analysis of the potential for integration and its possible effect on performance.

4. A critical analysis as to the choice of a suitable hazard identification system, and with reference to each of the project stages previously characterised, the identification and description of the main hazards associated with each issue and their possible controls (mitigating actions) (this could be given in tabular form).

5. With respect to the issues under consideration, the identification of the main pieces of legislation pertaining to the overall project and a brief explanation as to why they are relevant.

6. With the use of relevant examples, an analysis and evaluation of the relationship between risk management and business continuity, and an indication as to how business continuity could be incorporated into an overall strategy for risk management.
Please note, the student may make reasonable and relevant assumptions to progress their work, but these must be explained where necessary.

Word Count Overall total coursework word count is 3500 maximum (+/- 10%).


The report should follow, as closely as possible, the structure provided below. However, it is recognised that in addition to the three issues (Health and Safety, Environmental & Socio-political), there are also other points to be considered. Consequently, it is advised that the student make use of appropriate headings and sub-headings to ensure all issues are easily identified and arranged logically to create a coherent piece of work.

1. Title page

2. Abstract

3. Table of Contents

4. Introduction with aim and objectives of the report

5. Critical analysis of relevant literature

6. Using relevant literature, an analysis of the criteria identified in the assessment brief

7. Conclusion(s)

8. Recommendations

9. References

10. Bibliography

11. Appendices

Reference no: EM131332530

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