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Develop a set of HRM recommendations for a fictitious, scenario organisation that will be assigned by the Faculty Member that contains the three primary assessment elements. You are expected to adopt a critical approach to the way that you analyse the scenario organisation and make recommendations for change. You present the recommendations as a consultancy report that addresses a transition described in an assigned scenario.

Your Final Project in this module consists of:

  • Part 1: HRM Consultancy Report
    • Section 1: Organisational change scenario analysis
    • Section 2: Analysis of organisational solutions
    • Section 3: Conclusions

You will prepare a consulting report that will follow this general outline:

Final Project Part 1: HRM Consultancy Report

  • Section 1: Organisational change scenario analysis
    Based on the assigned scenario and Individual Assignments from the units, students will prepare the first section of the HRM Consultancy Report, an analysis of the potential people management issues at play in the chosen scenario organisation which should include the following elements:
    • Describe the scenario organisation and its upcoming transition: If your selected scenario provides options, explain the options that you will address. For example, in the Akbar scenario, Mr. Akbar and his son have the option to leave or take on senior management positions. If you chose this scenario, state which option Mr. Akbar and his son will take. You may also wish to suggest additional choices not mentioned in the scenario brief and creatively provide other details as you describe your scenario. In addition, you may provide further context/details and selected options for your scenario, either based on your own experience and/or other case examples with which you are familiar. Just be sure to address the implications of these details as you propose solutions in Section 2 of the HRM Consultancy Report.
    • An organisational analysis of the scenario:
      - What organisational issues might the scenario transition create and what are the people management implications of this transition?
      - What HRM approaches may need to be revised and/or new ones introduced?
  • Section 2: Analysis of organisational solutions
    Based on the assigned scenario, students will prepare the second section of the Report that will follow this general outline:
    • Theoretical Analysis: Include an introduction critically analysing two or three OB/HR matrix relationships that are relevant within your scenario. Identify theories of organisational behaviour relevant to the scenario and discuss what HRM approaches are associated and/or linked to these theories. How might the relevant theories be operationalised through specific HRM approaches/practices in the scenario (Unit 1)?
    • Identification of Issues: List at least three key human resource issues that have the potential to impact the scenario for which you intend to propose solutions. One of your three issues should include how managers in the scenario organisation will develop teams composed of employees from varying cultures and geographic locations effectively (Unit 4). Assume that one of the scenario organisation's goals is to build a diverse workforce. Critically analyse the role of the adoption of diversity management initiatives in building a diverse workforce and what particular impact diversity might have to developing teams in your scenario organisation (Unit 2). Consider issues of power and politics that may arise within and across teams (Unit 3) as a consequence of the pending changes in your scenario organisation. 
      • Depending on the issues you chose, you might also wish to discuss how performance management systems could aid the organisation in addressing these issues (Unit 5). Examples of other issues might include how to address recruitment and selection or training and development. Critically consider the organisational needs of the scenario (as well as any additional options or details you have chosen) and determine other issues that may be at play and how you might address them.
    • Proposed Solutions to Issues: Describe your suggested solutions for addressing the three issues within the scenario organisation. Your solutions should suggest approaches to organisation and management that are appropriate for the scenario and should explain how organisational behaviour theories are relevant to the solutions. Explain how your proposed HRM approach solutions are connected to organisational behaviour(s).
      • Provide an analysis and critique of the implications of each suggested solution (from item c above) for managers in the scenario organisation. Are there implications of your suggested solutions for which the organisation should plan? Are there potential stakeholder reactions that might need to be managed? Include a comparison of the solutions as appropriate.
  • Section 3: Conclusions 
    Write a conclusion summarising thoughts on the solutions proposed and explaining how the implementation of the proposed solutions may impact organisational needs and managerial capabilities:
    • Include potential impacts on employees' reaction or resistance to change and the people management issues that may result from the implementation
    • Include any insights gained from completing the critique.
    • Cite your references in Harvard format.

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Reference no: EM13537542

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