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Learning outcomes

- Cite sources in writing using the proper citation and referencing style.
- Evaluate information critically from various sources to respond to a task.
- Synthesise information from various sources in writing in response to a given task.
- Develop a rhetorical structure of an essay.

Question 1

Family violence laws under review after spate of abuse cases

SINGAPORE - In light of recent high-profile cases of child abuse, the laws are being reviewed to enhance deterrence of family violence and to ensure that those responsible are appropriately dealt with, said Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin yesterday.

"(We) need to look at our laws in terms of whether there is sufficient deterrence, whether the way consequences are meted out is the way we want to go," said Mr Tan, who added that the Home Affairs Ministry and Law Ministry are looking into the issue.

Two weeks ago, a couple were jailed for their ruthless torture of a two-year-old toddler, Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser, which led to his death last November.

The toddler's mother, Zaidah, 41, was sentenced to 11 years' jail for voluntarily causing grievous hurt and child abuse.

Her boyfriend Zaini Jamari, 46, was given a 10-year jail term and 12 strokes of the cane for voluntarily causing grievous hurt to, and ill-treating, the boy.

Two days after the verdict, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam posted on his Facebook page: "For cases like this, we need to see whether the current legal framework is adequate. They ruthlessly tortured the child for more than a month, and effectively killed him."

He also said people must be encouraged to make a report "immediately" when they are aware of cases of abuse.

Expressing similar sentiments yesterday, Mr Tan said cases of family violence, including child and elderly abuse, often persist because bystanders have kept silent.

"We always wonder, ‘Why did it happen?' ... You look at the rest of the people involved, you will always ask, ‘Why did you not say something? Why did you not step in, if you knew that something was amiss?'," said Mr Tan, who was speaking on the sidelines of an inaugural social service summit at Mandarin Orchard hotel.

Enhancements in detection and reporting of child abuse cases by a host of agencies - ranging from schools to hospitals - have led to more cases being investigated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development's Child Protection Service (CPS).

Last year, the CPS looked into 551 serious abuse cases, almost half of which - 47.7 per cent
- were instances of physical abuse, with 37 per cent involving neglect, while the remaining involved sexual abuse.

Between 2012 and 2014, the CPS investigated between 380 and 400 cases of serious abuse per year.

In September last year, two former employees at Pertapis Children's Home - a welfare and religious teacher, and a social service assistant - were convicted of abusing children under their charge.

 Adapted from article by Kelly Ng in TODAY Online PUBLISHED: 11:11 AM, JULY 20, 2016

There has been much discussion in the media with regard to the spate of abuse cases in Singapore involving children. Many issues in relation to such abuses have been debated in the discussions. The two articles provided below reflect some of the discussions regarding this issue in Singapore.

In about 750 words, write a synthesis essay on the detection and management of child abuse cases. You will need to narrow this broad topic. You must formulate a thesis about this issue and provide evidence that will support your thesis. The thesis for this TMA01 is a viewpoint that does not have to be persuasive - that is, it is the conclusion you arrive at based on summarising and synthesising the information you researched on this topic. Relevant information for you to gather would be:

• Issues (economic or social or educational or etc.) surrounding child abuse cases
• Evidence for existing measures
• Evidence against existing measures
• Improvements to existing measures

Guidance Notes

1. Use process writing to develop a rhetorical structure for your essay.

2. Strengthen your thesis with relevant examples and illustrations.

3. You may include any additional but relevant information to the ideas that have already been given in the scenario and articles.

4. You should use at least 5 research sources to help you write your essay. The given articles are considered as a separate research source each and can count towards the 5 research sources. Synthesise information from these various sources in your writing.

5. You are to use credible and reliable sources to help you write this essay. Evaluate information critically from various sources in your response. Marks will be deducted for non-credible and unreliable content.

6. Remember to use accurate grammar, correct sentence structures and a tone appropriate to academic writing. Cite sources in your writing using the proper citation and referencing style. Marks will be deducted for poor English.

Citations are required.

Attachment:- Essential Academic Writing Skills.rar

Reference no: EM131401853

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