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Imagine you are a community development worker in a non-government organisation in your city (or one nearest you). You have been working closely with one section of the community for just over a year (this is up to you, it could be older people, youth, a particular ethnic group, new immigrants, Indigenous people, people with a disability, new parents - just select one that interests you).

This section of the community has identified that they are concerned about increasing crime and violence in the city, and they would like to work together to change things.

Develop a project plan for a community development project that would help this part of the community address their concerns.

You can be creative in the type of crime and/or violence your community targets, the kind of project you desing, and how it would operate.

A a project plan is written up in prose style (like an essay), but uses a range of headings to divide up the information into clear sections so the reader can easily understand what the project is, why it is needed, what it aims to do and how it will happen. Headings to use in your project plan are listed below.

References will be needed (most likely in sections headed 5,7,9 and 11). The Reference List section is not included in the word limit.

Use the following headings in your project plan

1. Name of Project

2. Brief Summary of the Project (no more than 100 words)

3. Aim(s) of the Project

4. Why this Project is Needed

5. Community Work Approach or Model

6. Project Objectives, Strategies and Activities

7. Evaluation

8. Budget

9. Potential Funding Sources

10. Project Timeline

11. Limitations and Weaknesses of the Project

12. Reference List.


Word processed document, 12 point font, double line spacing. Submit via Learnline.


You will recieve a mark out of 100.

The assessment is worth 40% of your total mark for this unit.

Assessment criteria

Project plan follows the 12 heading format provided and the presentation guidelines

Project idea and aims are clearly stated - and suit a community work approach

Community work model or approach is well defined and a rationale for its selection is provided

Strategies and activities are designed to meet the objects of the project

Evaluation ideas or tools are able to demonstrate the extent to which the project aims and outcomes have been achieved.

Project budgeting and potential project funding souirces are explained

Critical analysis of the limitations and weakness of your project plan and approach/model.

Use of at least five (5) references and consistent use of a referencing system (preferably APA 6th).

Reference no: EM131071161

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