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Assessment part 3, I have to work on case 3 (length of land = 30 m, and on the length of the building part I have given length of the building = 22m). I have got 1 borelog only and will attach the Borelog.

Its general guideline what we are expected to do in this particular task 3. I have done the first 2 parts of the assessment myself.

I just want you guys to work on part 3.

Assessment 1: Project Brief and Team work


The School of Engineering has just announced their collaboration with the award winning ‘Eco Now Homes'. This Geelong based company has been recognised internationally for their innovative single story home designs and are growing rapidly. To show case the current best practice, Eco Now Homes will construct a single story dwelling for use as ‘environmentally friendly' accommodation for visiting off campus students to the University's Waurn Ponds Campus. There are several locations that have deemed appropriate.

Your task is to work as a Geotechnical Engineering team to complete a geotechnical site investigation of a given location. Your team will present this information as a Project Brief. This is an excellent opportunity for your company to establish a professional relationship with this rapidly expanding company and is an important step in promoting your Geotechnical business.

The learning intention:

The intention is to develop your understanding in the specific areas of Geotechnical Engineering including: common soil tests used by industry, consideration of potential problems of a given location and the creation of a profession project brief in accordance with Australian Standard 1726 - 1993 while developing your ability to work in a collaborative team.

• produce a professional project brief for a given client based on the Australian Standard AS 1726-1993
• determine the soil tests required to complete a Geotechnical site investigation
• justify the choice of soil tests required
• supply a description of required soil tests
• apply your knowledge to explain a borehole log provided
• develop and demonstrate your ability to work as a collaborative team
• develop your capacity to self-assess and peer-assess


As a project team you will develop a professional geotechnical project brief for your client ‘Eco Now Homes'.

The Project Brief

A project brief is a written explanation that clearly outlines the objectives and scope of a project. It ensures clarity between the client and project team, as important requirements or potential problems are identified before the project team starts work. For example you will need to consider current events in the area including ‘Slab Heave' which has been identified as a problem in the new suburb Armstrong Creek. For the purpose of this assessment you will also be required to analyse a borehole report and justify appropriate soil tests required for that borehole sample and add this as an appendix to your brief. Your team's project brief must be based on the Australian Standard Project Brief AS 1726-1993. 4

Resources supplied to each team

• A photo and a location on Deakin grounds of their proposed site
• A location of the site on a campus map
• A sample of a bore (considering it start from the ground surface)
• A table to complete to provide evidence of their application of knowledge of soil testing
• Australian Standard 1726 - 1993 which can be downloaded via library
• An assessment rubric to ensure their project brief meets the criteria required
• An assessment rubric to self-assess and peer-assess their team members contributions

Assessment 2: Analytical report


Your Geotechnical firm was given the job to complete the Geotechnical site investigation of a given site. Your team must now complete the necessary soil testing. For the purpose of your skill development a specific set of soil tests have been deemed appropriate by your facilitator.

The learning intention:

Students will experience the practical application of geotechnical soil testing, documenting results, analysing and interpreting the results and presentation of results in the form of an analytical report.


Students will undertake a series of soil testing procedures in laboratory conditions. Total of 6 hours will be required. Student's will complete and submit an individual Analytical report.

Laboratory tests required to be complete: (2015 due to time constraints collected field samples will be supplied)
• Atteberg test
• Particle size distribution
• Dry density/moisture content relation
• Sand replacement method

Assessment 3: Final Report


The School of Engineering has just announced their collaboration with the award winning ‘Eco Now Homes'. Your Geotechnical firm was given the job to complete the Geotechnical site investigation based on their Project Brief (Assessment 1). Your supervisor has now assigned you with the task of presenting the findings of the investigation in a Professional Geotechnical Final Report.

The learning intention:
The intention is to develop your skills in the formation of industry standard reporting mechanisms. You will also apply your knowledge and critical thinking skills in classification of a given site and recommendation of best location of a building on a given site.


As a geotechnical engineer you will develop a professional geotechnical report for your client ‘Eco Now Homes'.

To be successful:
You will:
• produce a professional project final report for a client
• using the supplied borehole data to evaluate the soil to classify the given site
• based on the site classification, site preparation works is to be recommended as per Australian standards AS 2870-2011
• identify the best location of the building within the given site

Final Project Report - Individual report

A project report is a written explanation that clearly presents to your client, the findings of the investigation proposed in the Project Brief (Assessment 1). You will base your recommendations on the supplied borehole data. You will classify the site as per Australian Standards, recommend site preparation and then identify and justify the best location for the building on the given site.

Attachment:- Geo Mechanics Assignment Part3.rar

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Reference no: EM13847074

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