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As a manager of a software project to develop a product for business application, if you estimate the effort required for completion of project to be 50 persons-month, can you complete the project by employing 50 developers for a period of one month.


Reference no: EM13725750

Important information about integrity

Why is integrity an essential component of ethics leadership? Integrity is displayed when people act in ways that are always honest and credible, and consistent in putting o

What is the cumulative earned value at the end of week three

What is the cumulative earned value at the end of week 3? For those familiar with the DoD and PMI terminology, this is the BCWP. Using data from Tables 1 3, what is the Cost P

Alignment of organization culture to implementation

A manager is looking forward to improve the structure on the company. As a result he is concerned with the alignment of organization culture to implementation of the project

Prepare a comprehensive project scope analysis

The conceptual development process, scope statement and statement of work that will clearly detail the projects expectation , problems , goals, objective, and aids in the pr

Estimate the number of subway restaurants worldwide in 2010

SUBWAY has grown to include more than 20,000 restaurants worldwide since they opened their first one in 1965.- Fit a quadratic equation to these data and estimate the number o

Explain change management procedure in large oraganization

Using the data flow diagram explain the change management procedure that might be used in large oraganizations concerned with developing software with external clients.

Accomplished in the ribbon on the task tab and tasks group

Directions For CP3 you will set your CP2 project and document deliverable aside and start fresh. Your task is to use this document and the data provided to create a project fi

Describing the purpose of attributes of a project

Using the concepts within the textbook "A Not-for-Profit Organization" , outline some attributes of a project, and describe their overall purpose.


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