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Develop a private web application system that scan the confidential and classified files with multiple Anti-virus engines.

The web should be look like ", but I can not use and uplaod any classified files to this website beacuse of its confidentiaity.

It is a single web application to scan a file with multiple AV engines simultaneously and report back the analysis result.

Basically, the multi-engine antivirus scanner is a web based system that offers the ability to upload a file or multiple files and scan them with many different types of antivirus software instantaneously.

How it works:

- Users visit the website.
- Browse the file that they want to scan from the computer, or drag and drop the file from computer to the web.
- Then, click on upload button to start uploading
- After that, click a scan button and wait for the scan to run. Within seconds, the detection results are displayed on your web browser for you to decide if it is infected or not.

The file analysis results are based on antivirus engines.

The malware signatures of antivirus solutions will be updated as they are developed and distributed by the antivirus companies. This makes sure that the products are using the latest signature sets.

Reference no: EM131315554

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