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PPT OSHA Standard

The 2012 revision to the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires that employers train workers on the GHScompliant hazard warning labels and safety data sheets (see 1910.1200(h)(3)(iv)).

Using Appendices C and D of the current standard as a resource, develop a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that can be used to train the employees at your workplace or a workplace with which you are familiar.

Include examples of the hazardous materials found in your selected workplace in the presentation. When creating your presentation, be sure your explanations and discussion are in plain language and at a level suitable for your target workforce; do not just quote the standard.

Additional resources can be found at OSHA's Hazard Communication page located below. Please incorporate at least two references into the PowerPoint presentation. The notes may be used to explain the concepts listed on each slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration. (n.d.). Hazard communication. Retrieved from

Reference no: EM131426292

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