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The Assignment

For this assignment you will develop a portfolio of various types of media that give messages to youth and adolescent on self-image, and perhaps use stereotypes of gender roles, social class, and ethnicities to depict typical behavior.

Give five examples for each of the assigned age groups, from a variety of media sources.

The age groups are, elementary, middle school, and high school. Provide the following information:

- age group

- media source (examples are newspapers, commercials, television programs, cartoons, radio, internet, magazines), give exact information such as date, time, or a link to the specific source

- summarize the media message in three to four sentences

- state the specific impact intended on the age group in three or four sentences

- provide the specific target audience within the age group, for example, gender, ethnicity, income, class

- decide on the age appropriateness of the message based on your readings from this class

- as an education professional, what recommendations would you provide parents when asked about this particular media message

- provide a resource for families to use to assist them in image related discussions with their child(ren)

Reference no: EM132184222

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