Develop a personal definition of middleware

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In this week you will evaluate the functionality of middleware. You will accomplish this assignment by researching uses and vendors of middleware. In your paper be sure to:

• Diagram middleware using a variety of resources (minimum of three), depicting four different types captioned by their definitions

• Develop a personal definition of middleware based on your research,

• Develop a taxonomy of middleware functionality,

• Provide a minimum of four examples of vendor-supplied middleware,

• Describe your personal (or work) computer in terms of client-middleware-server functionality,

• Evaluate middleware by investigating privacy and security issues, especially for wireless networks,

• Compare and contrast the process whereby middleware supports (integrates) telephony, WLAN (e.g., WiFi), and wireless senor network (WSN).

Reference no: EM13778115

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Plan for how a vlan could be implemented

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