Develop a personal cash budget for the next six months

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Chapter 16 Discussion Questions

2. If you were the financial manager of Stars and Stripes Clothing, what would you do with the excess cash that the firm expects in the second, third, and fourth quar-ters? (See Figure 16-4.)

3. Develop a personal cash budget for the next six months. Explain what you would do if there are budget shortfalls or excess cash amounts at the end of any month during the six-month period.

4. Why would a lender offer unsecured short-term loans when it could demand collateral?

5. How can a small-business owner or corporate manager use financial leverage to improve the firm's profits and return on owners' equity? Is there a potential danger of using financial leverage?

6. In what circumstances might a large corporation sell stock rather than bonds to obtain long-term financing? In what circumstances would it sell bonds rather than stock?

Chapter 13 Discussion Questions

12. Identify and give examples of the three major types of salespersons.

13. What are the major tasks involved in managing a sales force?

14. What are the major differences between consumer and trade sales promotion methods? Give examples of each.

15. What is the difference between publicity and oublic relations? What is the purpose of each?

16. Why do firms use event sponsorship?

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Reference no: EM132279708

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