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You are the manager of a project to develop a new flavor of ice cream and prepare it for the market. You have been given a six-month schedule and adequate budget to complete the targets. Your budget also contains 10% contingency for potential problems. Your company plans to launch the new ice cream at the Super Bowl game, so time is critical. Your project schedule is attainable, but you do not have any spare time in the schedule baseline.

The ice cream development requires continuous refrigeration, which, in turn, requires uninterrupted power. An interruption in power will result in loss of one week's worth of schedule. After the first two months of development, you are informed by the company that the back-up power generators will no longer be available to your project. Your plant has frequent power outages, and you are concerned about an interruption in power.

Based on the scenario, answer the following questions:

What is the problem in the project?

Why is it urgent to address the problem?

How will the crisis affect the completion of the project objectives?

Do all the concerned parties agree on the facts related to the project?

What are the options available to address the crisis in the project?

What is the best course of action that can be followed in the project?

Reference no: EM13940304

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