Develop a marketing plan for a global airline company
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I need to develop a marketing plan for a "global" airline company that is localising the global. for example lufthansa in nigeria. The plan should identify exisitng strategies & ways in which the company could generate value for stakeholders in a specific market.

The report should have a standard markeing plan format inclusive of situation analysis, marketing strategies & objectives, marketing programmes i.e. 7ps, Control & Evaluation including series of appropriate measurements within the plan. & final conclusion.

The solution file contains the MS word document "Marketing plan for Qatar Airways in Vietnam". with total 3500 words count report.


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The strategy of marketing is crucial for each and every business that operates in an extremely competitive market. Specifically due to the highly intensified competition between international flights in the aviation industry of Vietnam, airlines should understand the significance of adopting superior strategies for incorporation of brand presence across the industry (Kar, 2011).

Hence, for this purpose, this report will focus on the market analysis of Qatar Airways in Vietnam. Etihad and Emirates are the main competitors of Qatar Airways in Vietnam. For benchmarking its success, 4 Ps marketing mix of Qatar Airways will be considered in this paper, With respect to place, the potential market for Qatar Airways in Vietnam is Hanoi. With respect to the strategy of pricing, it can be advised that the airline must change to skimming strategy for maintaining the quality of its services in the longer run.

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