Develop a legally defensible decision-making approach

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You are the supervisor and have 1 position open for a floor registered nurse (RN). You have two final candidates who are both registered, licensed, have 5-7 years of experience, have great recommendations, and either would be a competent choice. Include the following in your paper:

Explain the assessment process and the additional variables that differentiate the 2 finalists (e.g., one is under age 40, one is over age 40; one is female, the other male; one is African-American, the other is Hispanic; one is married and has children under age 18, the other is divorced with grown children; one belongs to the Service Workers Union, the other is nonunion).

Evaluate the legal and ethical issues that must be considered to avoid disparate treatment or impact.

Develop a legally defensible decision-making approach to selecting the final candidate.

Reference no: EM13740437

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