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Discussion: First Draft of the Project Proposal

This discussion prepares you for the submission of this unit's assignment. Be sure to post your response early in the week so that you can obtain and provide your colleagues with the necessary feedback.

You have narrowed your topic, created concise statements regarding the focus of the project, and provided statements of rationale, as well as proposed visual displays to present your data. As you prepare for your initial meeting with the client, it is time to construct your first draft of the project proposal.

For this discussion:

• Provide a specific and descriptive short title for your proposed data review project in the subject line of your post.

• Identify a framework for your project. (Examples: For a compliance project, use the regulations; for an accrediting assessment, use the standards and site survey criteria; for implementation of a new service line, you could consider using the balanced scorecard framework.)

• Include a minimum of six current, peer-reviewed or other authoritative sources to substantiate your approach and method for the project (such as accrediting body standards, accounting principles, federal laws, or Medicare Conditions of Participation). While an annotated bibliography is neither a graded discussion nor a graded assignment, you will need to integrate sources into your proposal.

• Construct a proposal that is specific to your project. Use the Data Review Project Proposal Template linked in the Resources. Attach the file to your discussion post to present your proposal.

• Develop a leadership project management timetable with succinct timelines that reflect major milestones for the completion of your data review project. Use the Project Management Timetable linked in the Resources. Attach the file to your discussion post to present your timetable.

Remember to:

• Clearly state the problem, the performance indicators, and the performance measurements.

• Use the Data Review Project Proposal Template and Project Management Timetable linked in the Resources, to create a detailed outline of your proposed data review project: problem, performance indicators, performance measurements, and project management timetable. Be succinct, substantive, and specific.

• Review the Data Review Project Proposal Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

• Incorporate the client needs and the requirements for the data review project.

Post your discussion as early in the week as possible to give your colleagues time to respond, so you can incorporate their feedback into your proposal and submit it in the assignment area for your instructor's review. After receiving feedback from the instructor, make any necessary revisions and resubmit the document as your Unit 3 assignment.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of your colleagues according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. Post your response as early as possible to give your colleague time to incorporate your feedback into their proposal.

Note: Please use the Unit 3 Discussion Post Reply Table linked in the Resources, when posting your reply. Change the subject line format to "Reply to [colleague's name]." Complete the table for your colleague's post, then copy and paste the table into the Message text box. Please do not attach a Word file.

Note: To add an image (such as a graphic) into your Message box, take a screenshot and save the file. Go to the Message box toolbar and click Insert/Edit Image tool to import the file. See the Format Your Text courseroom tutorial for guidance. If you have difficulty with this task, please contact Technical Support.

Learning Components: This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

• Identify relevant performance indicators and performance measurement units.

• Construct a visual data display.

• Identify an organization's vision, mission, culture, and strategic goals.

• Determine how a health care organization provides value to patients.

• Establish personal health care leadership competency development goals.

• Assess the relevance and credibility of information sources.

• Apply APA style guidelines and scholarly writing standards.

Reference no: EM132279703

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