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Create an outline for the following:

Develop a Health Organization Disaster Planning and Response Strategy that links federal, state, and local agency authorities and reflects the potential ethical decision-making that a health care leader may be confronted with.

This Power Point presentation will be shown to your facility's board of directors in their next planning meeting.

Include ethical theories and principles that support the infrastructure of the strategy.

The outline should include

Description of the ethical decision-making model

The goal(s) of the strategy

Details about using the ethical decision-making model of your choice

Types of ethical decision-making problems

Information on how federal, state, and local governments should distribute resources

Information on compensation and allocation of resources

A plan for deployment of personnel

A plan for preparing the personnel and facility

Practicing disaster preparedness competencies

Again this is just outline

The disater plan can be hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc.

Also please include references. 


Reference no: EM13510563

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