Develop a dialogue around an issue of concern to the couple

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Stress Management in Relationship Counseling

You are a relationship counselor working with a young couple who tend to approach conflict with hostility or avoidance. Develop a dialogue around an issue of concern to the couple (for instance, finances) that illustrates appropriate conflict resolution strategies, such as assertiveness, active listening, stating personal thoughts and feelings, and brainstorming solutions. Also, develop a stress reduction plan incorporating specific techniques and exercises that each person might use to reduce emotional arousal and defuse conflict.

General Project Guidelines:

1. Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual. It is highly recommended that you use the attached APA 6th Template.doc, which will make the formatting of your paper much easier.

2. Papers must be three to five typed, double-­spaced pages in addition to the title page and references page.

3. Papers must include a minimum of five academic, peer-reviewed, relevant sources, appropriately cited.

Reference no: EM131233449

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