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Detailed Design - Object Oriented Design Principles

Develop a detailed design to support the CCRD use case specified in the accompanying document: ‘Asg2 Use Case Specification'. (Hint: Follow the process for use case realization and develop analysis class and sequence diagram describing the use case before adding the details of UI interactions.) The detailed design should be consistent with the architecture you developed in Part A, and illustrate how that architecture will work to support the CCRD use case. The detailed design should include:

A logical view (class diagram) showing all classes required to support the CCRD use case, including all required attributes methods, and inheritance, compositional, or using relationships.

A dynamic view (sequence diagram) showing in detail how these classes will interact to support the CCRD use case. The sequence diagram should show all required messages (method calls) between objects, and it should be consistent with the class diagram, and the user interface proposed in Part C.

Discuss your detailed design, explaining what principles you applied, and how you applied them to arrive at your final design.

Note: your detailed design must be consistent with the interface you propose for Part C and Part D.


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