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In 1974 it was suggested that a model developed to predict bankruptcy may also be used to help the auditor judge a company's ability to continue as a going concern (Altman & McGough 1974)*. Since then many more models/techniques have been developed to predict going concern difficulties.

You are required to conduct research using scholarly journal articles accessed through the Swinburne library databases to develop a descriptive annotated bibliography detailing the various techniques/models used to gauge a company's ability to continue as a going concern.

Altman, E.I. and T.P. McGough, 1974, Evaluation of a company as a going concern, Journal of Accountancy 138, 50-57.

Assignment Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is:

  • to demonstrate capability in academic research; and
  • to demonstrate an understanding of going-concern.

Reference no: EM131231512

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Total 1400 words in total, it should be 7 references used and each reference should be 150- 200 words, and all the references should be ABDC ranking. Each citation should be between 150-200 words. Must be presented in alphabetical order as per a standard reference list constructed under the Swinburne Harvard standard. Assignment must be submitted in Word processing format (no PDFs) Assignment must be formatted as follows: 1.5 line spacing; Font: Times New Roman 12 point and Margins: Top, Bottom, Left & Right all 2.54cm. Include the following: Citation details, Introduction, Aims & Research methods and Going Concern methods/models discussed. Include the following: Limitations and Conclusions. Thanks.

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