Develop a customer satisfaction survey of eight questions
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Voice of the Customer

For In the "Understanding the Voice of the Customer at LaRosa's Pizzerias" case study, LaRosa's Pizzerias implemented the Voice of the Customer process to design its restaurants to address customer needs and expectations and ultimately allowed the restaurant chain to gain significant market share.

1. Develop a customer satisfaction survey of eight questions. The questions must be relevant to the case study that the project team would use to solicit appropriate responses on the restaurant design concept from current and potential customers both inside and outside the restaurant's current market area. Explain your rationale for each question selected.

2. For each of these survey questions, identify two critical to quality (CTQ) performance characteristics for each survey question and discuss why they are important to customer satisfaction.

3. Based on the customer requirements that LaRosa's has identified and considering the design concept the company has adopted, examine the customer profile (based on age, lifestyle, etc.) the restaurant is targeting.

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