Develop a charter for the rals rostering project

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Develop a charter for the RALS Rostering project including:

Include the project description and overview you have developed as part of your preparation for Assessment 3.

Part One:

MOV - Measurable Organisational Value

(This is the goal of the project and is utilised to define the value that your team project will bring to your client)

- Identify the desired area of impact - Rank the following areas in terms of importance: Strategy / Customer / Financial / Operational / Social
- With reference to your project, identify one or two of the following types of value:
Better - is improving quality important to your client?
Faster - does your client want to increase efficiency?
Cheaper - is cutting costs important?
Do more - does your client want to continue its growth?

- Develop an appropriate metric - this sets the target and expectation of all the stakeholders. It is important to determine a quantitative target that needs to be expressed as a metric in terms of an increase or decrease of money.

- Determine the timeframe for achieving the MOV - ask yourselves, when do we want to achieve this target metric?

(Note: the MOV should inform everyone what the project will achieve, not how it will be achieved. It should also focus on the organisation, not on the technology that will be used to build or support the information system).

Part Two

Define Scope and produce a Scope Management Plan

Define the scope of the project and detail how the scope will be managed.

Provide a list of Resources

Identify and detail the resources for the project using MS Project where appropriate, including:

- People (and their roles), plus any extra personnel that is required for the project.

- Technology - any hardware, network and software needs to support the team and your client.

- Facilities - where will most of the teamwork be situated?

- Other - for example, travel, training etc.

Part Three:

Using MS Project, develop a schedule using a high level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It should include:

- Milestones for each phase and deliverable

- This will tell everyone associated with the project that the phase or deliverable was completed satisfactorily.

- Activities / Tasks o Define a set of activities / tasks that must be completed to produce each deliverable.

- Resource Assignments

- Assign people and resources to each individual activities.

- Estimates for Each Activity / Task

- Develop a time estimate for each task or activity to be completed.

Part Four:

Project Risk Analysis and Plan

- Document any assumptions you have made about the project

- Using the Risk Identification Framework as a basis, identify five risks to the project - one for each of the five phases of the methodology.

- Analyse these risks, assign a risk to an appropriate member, and describe a strategy for the management of each specific risk.
Part Five:

Quality Management Plan. It should include:
- A short statement that reflects your team's philosophy or objective for ensuring that you deliver a quality system to your client.
- Develop and describe the following that your project team could implement to ensure quality;
- A set of verification activities
- A set of validation activities

Reference no: EM131203308

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