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By reading a variety of sources in the area of interpreting studies and writing annotated bibliography, students will develop a basic skill of research, and gain a good perspective on research works in the area related to their current studies. Students will start to see what the main issues are in the area of interpreting studies, what people are arguing about, and learn to develop their own points of view on the issues.


You MUST choose your articles or book chapters from MLA International Bibliography (EBSCOhost. EBSCO) Or BITRA, a bibliography on interpreting and translation available online at https://aplicacionesua.cpd.ua.es/tra intlusu/buscar.asp

Your annotated bibliography MUST include no less than two articles/book chapters published in or after 2014.

Your annotated bibliography MUST include at least one article/book on each of the following topics:

• community interpreting

• simultaneous/conference interpreting

• ethics

• Articles/books on translation studies should NOT be included in this assignment.

• The two textbooks for this unit should not be included in your bibliography.

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