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1- 650 words

2- In-text citation

3- Reference list (not less than 5 references, preferable on the reading list)

4- Should have 3 parts:

a. Introduction

b. Answer

c. Conclusion

5- Target date- 22nd August 2014 01:00 am

The Question is:

Your clients have secured the financing to develop 48 acres land into mixed-use buildings. They have asked you to draft a high-level project plan to begin the more detailed discussions. Forty percent of the site is an undeveloped field, and the project must include a nursery school. Where should you begin? Based on your readings and your experience, identify the approach you would take to drafting this high-level plan. Describe three key questions you would ask your clients and your rationale for starting your planning with those questions.

Reference no: EM13331387

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