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Topic: Choose 1 of the following prompts for which to create a thread. Use your textbooks or other credible sources to support your thoughts and opinions; cite specific references and examples using correct APA format. Where applicable, include Scripture references to strengthen your position on the prompt.

Prompt 1: Direct instruction involves instructional approaches in which the teacher structures lessons in a straightforward, sequential style, focusing on mastery of knowledge and skills that can be taught in a step-by-step manner. In the first paragraph, discuss the merits of using direct, teacher-centered instructional strategies such as lectures, demonstrations, practice, and reviews. In a second paragraph, discuss some potential disadvantages of this type of instruction.

Prompt 2: Before starting cooperative learning groups, it is important to show students how to work together as a supportive unit. Provide clear written directions as well as opportunities for students to receive feedback on their academic performance and the group's success in working together. In the first paragraph, discuss additional orientation or training that will enable students to work effectively in cooperative learning groups. Discuss how this orientation might be different for second graders versus tenth graders. In a second paragraph, discuss how you might accommodate the different knowledge and skills of the students in their roles within the groups.

Prompt 3: After instruction on a topic, you may want to provide regular opportunities during class for your students to practice with the content. This often occurs in math instruction, where students participate in supervised seatwork to practice working out the math problems. During this seatwork, the teacher can provide guidance and corrective feedback to individual students and the entire class to shape a skill or process. In the first paragraph, discuss how you might draw the attention of the entire class to common problems without embarrassing individual students who are making the error during seatwork. In a second paragraph, discuss how you might reinforce effort and provide recognition during this feedback process.

Prompt 4: After reading the detailed case study in Chapter 12 of the textbook, respond to the following questions (one paragraph for each question):

1. What should Mr. DeFranco have done differently to avoid having this problem when determining a report card grade for each student?

2. What are the advantages of determining your plan for preparing the composite score for the report card at the beginning of the term? What are the advantages for the students if you tell them early how their composite score will be determined?

Reply Prompt: Respond to at least 2 different classmates' threads, identifying at least 1 strength and 1 weakness in the reasoning of each. Be specific, and use your textbooks/other credible sources to support your reply. Where applicable, include scriptural references to strengthen your response.

Reference no: EM13979034

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