Determining the value of investment

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Suppose you just bought a 11-year annuity of $12,000 per year at the current interest rate of 11.5% per year. What happens to the value of your investment if interest rates suddenly drop to 6 percent? What if interest rates suddenly rise to 12 percent?

Reference no: EM131115398

Payments into retirement account

How much will you have when you retire in 46 years? How much will you have if you wait 10 years before beginning to save and only make 36 payments into your retirement account

Estimating the future value of prize

The Florida lottery agrees to pay winner 271, 000 at the end of each year for the next 20 years. What is the future value of this prize if each payment is put in an account

Capital budgeting problem

You have been asked by the president of your company to evaluate the proposed acquisition of a new special-purpose truck. The truck's basic price is $50,000, and it will cos

Valuing a corporate bond issue

American Airlines is currently considering the issuance of a series of $1,000 par bonds. The coupon rate offered, based on current market interest rates and the Standard & P

Income statement for sandifer manufacturing

Working with the income statement At the end of its third year of operations the Sandifer Manufacturing Co, had $4,530,000 in revenue $ 3,342,000 in cost of goods sold $451,

Determine whether you should buy or sell the fra

You decide to take a speculative position in a FRA with a $1,000,000 notional value. There are 183 days in the FRA period. Determine whether you should buy or sell the FRA and

Determine how much the fra is worth and who pays who the buy

The agreement rate with the buyer is 5.5 percent. There are actually 92 days in the three-month FRA period. Assume that three months from today the settlement rate is 47/8 per

How much will grecian tile pay in interest

If six-month LIBOR is 4½ percent over the first six-month interval and 53/8 percent over the second six-month interval, how much will Grecian Tile pay in interest over the fir


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