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A trucking firm suspects that the mean life of a certain tire it uses is less than 35,000 miles. To check the claim, the firm randomly selects and tests 18 of these tires and gets a mean lifetime of 34,350 miles with standard deviation of 1200 miles. At α = 0.05, test the trucking firm's claim.

Reference no: EM131055797

Determine what the appropriate interest rate would be on thi

Say a zero coupon bond will mature in 10 years.  It has a face value of 1,000 and it is currently trading at $700. Can you determine what the appropriate interest rate would b

Discuss two flaws with using the irr

Please discuss the following questions. Answers need to be at minimum 150 words and include citations and references if needed. Discuss two flaws with using the IRR. Describe

Minimize current taxes payable

john is in a high income-tax bracket and wishes to minimize current taxes payable. He also has a sizeable current income and prefers high growth rates to significant annual

What is the capital gain

One year ago, Bob Sakamano invested $10,400 in 200 shares of Vandalay Industries stock and just received a dividend payment (total) of $600. Today he sold the 200 shares for

Four significant business risks of the company

Access the latest Form 10-K for the company and read "Management's Discussion and Analysis" from Form 10-K. Describe four significant business risks of the company as describe

Assess a product value

Question 1 The equation a buyer applies to assess a product's value is Question 2: In managing customer relationships, the three primary ways profits can be obtained are by

Change in the capital structure

Assume that sales, operating costs, total assets, and the tax rate would not be affected, but the interest rate would rise to 8.0%. By how much would the ROE change in respo

What might that range be with imperfect tools and operators

What range of preload would you expect to encounter when that torque is applied to a production quantity of this joint; assuming perfect tools and operators? What might that


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