Determining the pounds of a mixture

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A store owner wants to mix cashews and almonds. Cashews cost 2 dollars per pound and almonds cost 5 dollars per pound. He plans to sell 150 pounds of a mixture. How many pounds of each type of nuts should be mixed if the mixture will cost 3 dollars?

Reference no: EM131051404

The field of information technology

The main page should have information about the field of information technology and the courses you would take in a typical CIS program. Also, add reasons why you decided to m

Range of radio frequencies in wireless technologies

What is the range of radio frequencies in wireless technologies? What are the pros and cons of the lowest and highest frequencies? What types of devices are used and/or supp

Current or future job

Write a short essay about the information technologies that are or will be important to your current or future job. Also, discuss how you plan to improve your skills with t

Through our stage mips pipeline

Since a nop instruction is implemented as sll $0,$0,0 and register $0 can't be written (i.e., it is read only), can the nop instruction ever take more than 5 cycles to

Concepts of confidentiality

Read the scenario carefully and then discuss how the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability relate to the value of each asset. For example, the school woul

What marketing strategies would you suggest

Choose two products from the list below. Answer the following questions in the response: 1. What marketing strategies would you suggest to each of the following companies with

Research paper on powerpoint

My research paper should reflect my internship experience in the Human Resources Department of Botsford Hospital, which has merged with Beaumont Hospital. The research paper

A media access protocol for wireless lan

The required readings for this homework are lectures 3 and 4 and the following papers: a) "MACAW: A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LAN's" ,b) 802.11 standard, which are


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